Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, a video compares trailer and behind the scenes

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Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew was recently presented with a trailer cinematic that we see today compared to the relative behind the scenes under a sympathetic video made by the guys at Mimimi Games.

Basically the developers made one live storyboards for the trailer, starting to recite the sequences in which the various characters are present in the first person and completing the operation with a humor that can only make you smile.

Last month, in our preview of Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, we talked about how the new title from the creators of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and Desperados 3 presents a convincing evolution of the classic stealth formula, but not only.

“This is Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew, a brand new stealth strategy game set in an alternate version of the Golden Age of Piracy,” reads the synopsis on Steam. “The curse of lost souls haunts the mysterious archipelago of the Lost Caribbean, which is under the control of the terrible forces of the Inquisition. They despise all things supernatural and use soul-devouring fire to hunt down cursed pirates like you.”

“Embark on a journey with pirate Afia and search for the legendary Black Pearls to revive your cursed crew. You can play with all eight of your fellow adventurers, who have their own personalities and supernatural powers. Launch allies or enemies with Gaelle’s magic cannon, use Mr. Mercury’s soul anchor to open a magical portal, or travel through space-time to perform sneak attacks with Afia’s mythical sword.”

“Execute an epic heist and recover a mysterious treasure of otherworldly power to defeat the army of the Inquisition. Infiltrate its strongholds. Go beyond enemy lines. Deftly combine the magical abilities of your crew to dispatch enemies with carefully thought out tactics. When your plan proves perfect, you will feel like a brilliant strategist.”

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