Shadow Warrior 3 is in gold, no exit delay

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Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital announced in these hours that Shadow Warrior 3 has entered the phase goldtherefore, the game is basically ready and preparing for its release on the market, which will take place on the scheduled date without delays.

We remind you that Shadow Warrior 3 will be available fromMarch 1, 2022 on PC, PS4 and Xbox Onealso compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S but without native versions for next gen consoles yet, at least for the moment, barring any updates that may come later.

The development of Shadow Warrior 3 is therefore business suit and at most it will be about starting post-launch support with corrective patches and any expansions, but the game is ready and the review codes for reviews will begin to be sent this week, according to what is also reported by the official account of the game together at the announcement of entry into gold.

Meanwhile, the PC requirements for the Windows version of Shadow Warrior 3 have been released via the official Steam page, while the game returned to show itself in a trailer at the end of January. The story of Shadow Warrior 3 still stars Lo Wang, a disgraced professional ex-Shogun, on an unlikely mission to capture an ancient dragon that he accidentally freed from his eternal captivity. In this case, he will also have Orochi Zilla on his side, who after being his employer and then his nemesis, has finally become an ally.

Again, the method to combat these otherworldly forces of evil that are threatening life on the entire planet is the classic one: bullets and blades. Lo Wang can use a large arsenal of alternating firearms to the katana, also taking advantage of lightning-fast movements that are further expanded in this third chapter, making the action even faster and more dynamic.

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