Shovel Knight Dig: release date on PC, Switch and Apple Arcade confirmed with a trailer

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Yacht Club Game has unveiled the exit date Of Shovel Knight Dig: The game will be available for PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch and Apple Arcade from September 23, 2022. The team also shared a new dedicated trailer, which you can watch below.

In the video we see one little gag in which one person claims to be bored: a Shovel Knight cosplay arrives and proposes an adventure. With his beach shovel, the “protagonist” goes to the garden and digs a hole to find a treasure, namely Shovel Knight Dig.

The trailer then shows a few scenes of gameplay by Shovel Knight Dig.

There Description of Shovel Knight Dig reads: “When the Drill Knight and his team of diggers blow up Shovel Knight’s peaceful camp and steal his loot, Shovel Knight grabs his trusty Shovel and begins digging a tunnel in pursuit! Make new friends and enemies, visit unfamiliar lands, and gear up to keep the entire earth from collapsing underfoot!Jump, slash, and dig your way through an ever-evolving chasm of mystery in Shovel Knight Dig, an all-new Shovel Knight adventure!”

Finally, we point out that Shovel Knight Dig will not be the only game included in Apple Arcade in September 2022: here is the complete list.

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