Sifu: difficulty levels and other news coming with future updates

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Pierre Tarno, co-founder of SloClap – author of It was -, was interviewed on a The Weekly talk show. Now, the host of the show, via Twitter, has unveiled some news coming to the PC and PlayStation game, including new ones difficulty levels.

Precisely, as you can see below, Steve Saylor has revealed that there will be inside Sifu improvements in terms of accessibility: there will be higher quality subtitles, the addition of high contrast modes on PlayStation (on PC they already exist, on consoles they have been removed due to a bug), and finally it has been said that there will be multiple levels of difficulty, both easier and harder, designed to make the game fun for all types of players.

Specifically, Saylor states that the idea behind the difficulty levels of Sifu it is similar to that of Metroid Dread. We don’t know if the reference is actually accurate, but it could mean that the maximum difficulty knocks out our character on the first shot. For the moment, mind you, SloClap has not released any statements on the matter, so we will have to wait for a more precise official announcement to know exactly what we will find in the update.

If you are still deciding whether to play the SloClap video game, you can read our Sifu review here.

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