Sifu for PS5 and PS4: download problems solved and gift on the way

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Sloclap announced that i download problems of the PlayStation Store for the PS4 and PS5 versions of the action game It was They were solved (or almost)promising a gift for Deluxe Edition buyers to apologize for the glitch.

For the uninitiated, among the bonuses for those who pre-purchase the Deluxe Edition of Sifu there is that of being able to start playing in advance of the release date. However, as we reported yesterday, due to PlayStation related issues many PS5 and PS4 users were unable to download the game.

Fortunately, the technical problems of the Sony store were solved within a few hours and from last night the players were able to download Sifu in advance and start playing with it. Or at least almost all.

As the Slocap Twitter account points out, despite the fix some users still fail to download the game. In this case the developers suggest trying to start the download from the console library after restarting it. If this still does not work, the advice is to go to select the Restore Licenses option from the account settings.

Slocap also announced that to apologize for the inconvenience of Sifu’s early access there will be a exclusive gift for all buyers of the Deluxe Editionwhich will be announced shortly.

We remind you that Sifu will be available from tomorrow, Tuesday February 8, for PS5, PS4 and PC. It is an action game with interesting mechanics and that does not forgive mistakes, as you can read in our review of Sifu.

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