Sifu: Free DLC coming in the coming months, confirms SloClap

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It was is available today, with PS5, PS4 and PC users putting themselves to the test with the high level of challenge of this martial arts-based action, but SloClap already has a clear idea for post-launch support for the game. which provides one or more Free DLC for all users.

In a recent interview with GamingBolt, marketing manager Félix Garczynski was asked if there will be multiplayer content after launch. In response Garczynski explained that the game is and will remain a single player experience, however confirming the work on additional content that will be published in the future.

“Sifu will remain a single player game,” says Sloclap’s marketing manager. “We are an independent studio with limited resources and we want the team to focus on creating an immersive and unique single player experience. But we have some post-launch content planned.”

A further confirmation from Garczynski comes from the pages of the PlayStation Blog, where he states that a part of the development team will dedicate itself to creating new content for Sifu, while the rest we assume will focus on the next project of the studio.

“A part of Sifu’s development team is already working on post-launch content. We have a lot of interesting ideas on possible updates, which we will talk to you about soon!” Said Garczynski.

Sifu is available digitally from today on PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store, while a physical edition for PS5 and PS4 will arrive in May. If you haven’t done it yet, we recommend that you read our Sifu review.

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