Sifu, John Wick in the game thanks to a mod: the gameplay video is amazing

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The modder scene is already working on It wasthe excellent martial arts action game developed by Sloclap, and the group The Beyonders has created an exciting mod which replaces the game protagonist with John Wickas seen in this gameplay video.

Clearly the affinities between the character we control in Sifu (here the review) and the one played by Keanu Reeves there are several, hence an operation that really fits perfectly with this production, and which gives life to memorable sequences.

Like that of the club that we see precisely in videowhich takes place in the early stages of the campaign and in this case sees John Wick enter a club in search of information to be repaid with abundant doses of beating.

If you own the PC by Sifu you can download the mod by becoming Patreon of The Beyonders for a fee starting from € 4.5.

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