Sifu: Most players fail the second boss

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It was has been released recently and therefore it is too early to make reliable assessments on the parameters of use, but according to what emerged based on the trophies unlocked it seems that the most players fail to get past the second boss.

Obviously the figure is influenced by the fact that the game only came out this week and it takes more time simply to be able to complete it, but the percentage of achievement of the various trophies of Sifu is interesting to understand the challenge rate represented by the game and it could also explain the willingness of the Sloclap team to introduce new difficulty levels with upcoming updates.

While the prologue is completed by 97% of players (also because it does not allow you to actually die), the first boss has been beaten by 80% of players so far. Not a bad result but one that makes the drop in performance of most of the users from then on even more evident.

The trophy linked to the defeat of the second boss is currently still considered “rare” as it was won by only 27% of players. THE subsequent levels obviously they continue and accentuate this trend, with percentages that drop to the single figure for subsequent bosses:

  • Finish the Prologue – common, 97%
  • Defeat the first boss – common, 80%
  • Defeat the second boss – rare, 27%
  • Defeat the third boss – very rare, 11%
  • Defeat the fourth boss – very rare, 7%
  • Defeat 5th Boss – Ultra Rare, 3%

Among the rare trophies there are also others, among which obviously the Platinum which at the moment has only been reached by 0.3% of players:

  • Platinum Trophy – Ultra Rare, 0.3%
  • Finish the game at age 50 or under – Ultra Rare, 1%
  • Finish the game at the age of 25 or under – Ultra Rare, 0.6%

According to the particular rogue-lite-style mechanics of the game, a lower age at the end of the game means that fewer KOs have been suffered during the run, so trophies related to the lower age are very rare. On the other hand, the rate of difficulty it is one of the elements that emerge with greater importance in Sifu and is also responsible for a mixed evaluation of the game, between those who liked it very much and those much less. According to our review of Sifu, Aligi Comandini seems to have enjoyed it very much.

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