Sifu: over 500,000 players across PS5, PS4 and PC, Sloclap thanks

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It was he scored over 500,000 players between PS5, PS4 and PC: the development team, Sloclap, announced it with a post in which they wanted to thank users for the excellent reception they have reserved for the title.

If you have read our Sifu review, you will know that it is a deserved successas the martial arts action game offers a fresh, engaging and challenging experience, with some really cool ideas.

Among these stands out the peculiar system that regulates the health of the protagonist, able to resurrect after death but paying a few years of life as a tribute and thus returning aged, less fast and resistant but more experienced and powerful.

However, it is the combat system by Sifu to make the difference, thanks to mechanics that focus on speed and precision, on the management of distances and balance, in a truly convincing mix.

“We are honored that over half a million of you have embarked on the path of revenge so far,” the development team wrote on Twitter. “From all of us at Sloclap: thank you.”

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