Sifu: The launch trailer reminds us that it is available from today on PS5, PS4 and PC

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It wasSloclap’s action game based on martial arts, from today it is available digitally on PS5, PS4 and PC and to celebrate Sony’s YouTube channel has released a spectacular launch trailer.

The movie masterfully summarizes the spirit of Sifu, starting with a hint of the plot and the reasons why the protagonist seeks revenge and then offering by offering spectacular combat sequences, presenting some of the game’s bosses, all at first glance very charismatic as much as dangerous, and with a hint of the peculiar mechanics linked to the aging of the protagonist after each death.

Sifu is a technical action game, with a high level of challenge and that does not forgive mistakes, as you can read in our review by Aligi Comandini, who describes it as “a mechanically granite title, supported by a design worthy of absolute development veterans, which is not afraid of being brutally demanding and manages to surprise even from an artistic point of view. It is not particularly long-lived (especially if you are a very high level player), but it is a brilliant title to say the least, highly recommended for lovers of action and unforgiving challenges. If this is only the second work of Sloclaps and they have already grown to that point, we dare not imagine what they can do with the next game.

As mentioned at the beginning, Sifu is now available on the digital stores of Sony and Valve, while in May the physical Vengeance Edition will be available for PS5 and PS4 which includes the base game and a series of exclusive content.

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