Silent Hill: Konami does not renew the domain of the official website and someone has taken advantage of it

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Konami did not renew the domain of the Silent Hill official website. We do not know if it is a voluntary choice or a sensational oversight, but the fact is that the Japanese company no longer has any rights to the domain “”. And someone took the opportunity to buy it and modify the portal to your liking, to make a little joke.

At the moment when accessing the aforementioned site, what appears is a single page with a black background in the center a tweet from Masahiro Ito which reads “I wish I hadn’t made the fo *** to Pyramid Head”.

Here is the new Silent HIll official website

For the uninitiated, Ito was the art director and designer of characters, monsters and settings for some of the games in the Silent Hill series, including the original trilogy. The tweet, which at first might seem like the joke of a fake account, is 100% true and was published on February 20, 2022, accompanied with a second post in which he adds “the reason is not that I have not been paid for the statues. . I never got paid for those. ” In short, a dig at Konami.

As a user on Neogaf points out, it is not the first time that Konami has “forgotten” to renew the domain of the official Silent Hill site. It also happened in 2019, but evidently no one came forward to buy it at the time.

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