Silent Hill: New Games will be shown in the livestream, a detail confirms it

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The future of silent Hill will be unveiled on Wednesday 19 October, this is what Konami has announced in the past few hours, presenting a live event to be held this week and in which something will be announced about the series, which will almost certainly have to do with new ones video gamesas emerges from a simple but very clear detail.

In response to the many who, once they hear about Konami and Silent Hill, cannot – even rightly – help but think of some pachinko or even worse trolls such as skateboards or various merchandising, the usual insider Dusk Golem pointed out a element that should clearly testify in favor of the presence of real video games in this round: the ESRB rating (or PEGI).

On the official page dedicated to the presentation event for Silent Hill, which will be held on Wednesday 19 October at 23:00, in fact, the stamp with the ESRB classification appears in the US version and PEGI in the European one, which also marks the rating “18” in the latter case, or intended for an adult audience.

This type of classification only applies to videogame products, which necessarily confirms the presence of videogames during the presentation. It is obviously possible that projects of a different type are also announced, but there will be at least one video game during the event, so we should really be facing the return of the series.

As for possible announcements, we remind you that there are several projects underway according to various rumors, including a Silent Hill 2 Remake, a new Silent Hill which could be preceded by a sort of prologue called The Short Message and also smaller sized projects related to the horror series in question.

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