Slitterhead: Bokeh Study on gameplay, structure and inspirations, between Silent Hill and Siren

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Bokeh Game Studio, the new independent team founded by some of the authors of Silent Hill and Forbidden Siren left Sony with the closure of the Japan Studio, took part in a question and answer session from which various emerged information on gameplay, structure and inspirations Of Slitterheadtheir new game in development.

Of Slitterhead we saw a first presentation trailer at The Game Awards 2021, on which we also built a preview. Some other information we can get from this interesting video interview, which was attended by the CEO and creator Keiichiro Toyama (also author of Silent Hill), the CTO and game director Junya Okura (one of the creators of Forbidden Siren) and the COO and producer Kazunobu Sato (another prominent member of Sony’s old Japan Studio).

In the interview, we learn that the main inspiration for the creation of Slitterhead came from knowing the city of Hong Kong and its peculiarities, as well as from the experiences gained with Forbidden Siren. As for the structure of Slitterhead, it will be a third-person action game, as reported precisely by the developers.

There third person is not in question, while as regards the general direction, Bokeh Studio did not want to follow the path of psychological horror more based on adventure, despite being one of the initial ideas. Something closer to Silent Hill, in terms of game structure and even deep psychological introspection, had been examined, but the team at the moment has a more action-oriented experience and Slitterhead’s structure has been thought of on these skills, which falls more precisely in theaction horroralthough Toyama says it’s not just about eliminating enemies.

Looking at Forbidden Siren, the authors reported that the idea of ​​different points of view will somehow fit into the new game as well, albeit in a different way than the sight-jack system experienced in the PlayStation title. As for the enemiesthe idea of ​​”legozu” was linked to the fact of wanting to include creatures that feed on human beings, but the authors wanted something different from the usual and that was rather far from traditional zombies, which led to a reworking of the concept.

In Slitterhead, the combat system it has some canonical elements for a third person action but will present some surprises. The developers are focusing particularly on this feature, but they do not yet intend to talk about it in more detail. As for the distribution system, the game should not be split into episodes but come as a compact and complete package, according to reports.

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