Sol Cresta by PlatinumGames available, with some complaints for the price

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The classic shooter Sol Cresta of Platinum Games is finally availableeven if there is no lack of controversy over the price not really affordable. The game actually costs € 39.99, but already has a € 10 DLC that brings the grand total to pay to get the full experience at € 49.99.

Consider that the Sol Cresta Dramatic DLC is not a secondary addition, but adds many details to the game, as can be understood just by reading the description: “In SOL CRESTA’s new Plot Twist mode, you will discover all the unrevealed secrets of Arcade mode, such as the true identity of the mysterious enemy ship, the real reasons behind Mega Zofer’s conquest of the solar system and the dark past of the pilots. of Yamato: Sho, Luna and Dril. Watch them grow and mature in their desperate battle against universal evil and watch their potential unleash in this solid tale crafted with passion!

The price, considered excessive, is holding many back from buying the game. Many compare it to that of some modern classics of the genre, such as Blue Revolver, Crimzon Clover and Zero Ranger, which cost less than half (in fact, currently buying them all costs less than buying Sol Cresta). Whoever took it, however, is finding it really well done and talks about it very well (apart from some technical problems on Nintendo Switch), a sign that at least from the manufacturing point of view PlatinumGames seems to have hit the mark.

For the rest we remind you that Sol Cresta is available for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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