Sol Cresta: the introductory movie is in pure arcade style

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PlatinumGames released the introductory movie from Sol Crestashowing once again how much attention has been put into giving the game a da flavor pure arcadeto attract fans of the genre (now a rare commodity).

The cutscene itself is very simple and starts with bottom-up text explaining the background of the game. In the background, the signs of a space battle are visible and from time to time sequences of the various chapters of the saga appear.

The movie ends by showing some shapes looming over the planet, then a very short video in computer graphics starts showing one of the three ships that will be selectable by the player. Nothing surprising today, but still a clear tribute to shumps enthusiasts.

Sol Cresta is one classic shooter, self-produced by PlatinumGames. Of course it is reserved for a specific niche of players, those who still follow this exciting and demanding genre, which has long since come out of the mass market.

Before leaving, we remind you that Sol Cresta will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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