Sonic Frontiers: Download size and preload date revealed

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Only a few days left before the debut of Sonic Frontiers on PC and consoles. Thanks to the information available on the net officially and not, we have made a summary of the following download size of the game for each platform. The preload barring surprises, it should start on November 6 for all platforms, which is two days before launch.

According to the latest tip from PlayStation Game Size, an account that closely monitors changes in the PlayStation Store, the size of Sonic Frontiers at launch will be 23.09 GB on PS4 and 24,719GB on PS5. These data relate to version 1.01, therefore with a patch already included, but between now and launch they could increase further in the case of further updates.

With regard to Xbox Series X|S and One the size will be 26.86 GB, as reported by Lumia Updates on Twitter, while the Nintendo Switch eShop speaks of 10.7 GB in Europe. No precise information regarding the PC version, but 30 GB of available space is required in the official system requirements. In any case, we are talking about modest dimensions for all platforms, far from heavyweights such as God of War Ragnarok.

We remind you that Sonic Frontiers will be available starting fromNovember 8, 2022. Just a few hours ago, Metacritic revealed when the embargo on Italian and international reviews of the new adventure of the famous blue hedgehog will expire.

To pass the wait you can watch this 30-minute gameplay video in Italian uploaded to the YouTube channel and read the Sonic Frontiers test that we published last week.

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