Sonic the Movie 2: a teaser trailer with Knuckles, Tails and Robotnik

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Sonic the Movie 2 is the protagonist of a new teaser trailer in which they appear Knuckles, Tails and obviously the evil Doctor Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey, who provides some suggestions for the occasion on how to deal with the blue porcupine.

Released in Italian cinemas in April, Sonic the Film 2 will bring the new adventures of the famous character SEGA to the big screen, this time grappling with new opponents but also new allies: will he be able to get away with it?

In short, we will review many of the dynamics that characterized the classic episodes of the series, and probably also the way in which it history it will develop will be more or less what we can imagine.

That said, the surprising success of Sonic il Film (review here) bodes well for the reception that the public will reserve for this sequel: there are only a few weeks left and we will be able to see it.

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