Sony and Manchester City are building a stadium in the Metaverse

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The sports club Manchester City of the English Premier League e Sony they are collaborating to create one stage in the Metaversewhich should propose various unique functions for viewers.

As reported, Manchester City has tightened a three-year agreement with Sony, which will provide virtual reality experts to assist the club in creating the Etihad Stadium in VR format. The project is only in the initial stages but some virtual reality experts have already visited the stadium to create a digital map of the place.

Manchester City believes that the creation of the digital version of the stadium it will guarantee additional earnings from fans around the world who will be able to experience a match live and at the same time feel the atmosphere of the stadium, watching the game from various angles, without giving up the comfort of their own home. Additionally, the club is considering allowing fans to meet their favorite players in the metaverse, as well as allowing the purchase of products that would not be available live.

Nuria Tarre, City Football Group’s chief marketing, also said the Etihad Stadium will be similar to the real thing, but likely a little more futuristic. He also added that one of the advantages of a digital stadium is that there are no seat limits. However, there are various questions to be answered, such as the management of digital purchases: will they be carried out with real money or through cryptocurrencies? The team admits they don’t have all the answers yet.

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