Sony and Tencent acquire more FromSoftware shares, reaching 30%

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sony And Tencent they have acquired other shares of FromSoftware from Kadokawa, together reaching 30% of the team in terms of share, with a slight prevalence of the Chinese giant over the Japanese company but which, together, now still form a large block within the Elden Ring studio.

Sixjoy, an internal division of Tencent, now owns 16.3% of FromSoftware’s shares and is now in second position among the company’s shareholders, after Kadokawa who currently manages the team. Sony Interactive follows closely with 14.1% of the shares, so these are still minority shares but they are starting to have a certain weight within the studio, in economic terms.

The combined investment was valued at around 36.4 billion yen (about $260 million), so that’s a sizable amount of money. In any case, Kadokawa remains the majority shareholder for FromSoftware and at the moment does not seem willing to sell further shares and lose its position of supremacy.

It is clear that the team is appealing to many, given the impressive revenues also given by Elden Ring, whose sales are now at 16.6 million, a truly remarkable result also considering the particular genre. All this fuels speculation about Sony’s possible expansionist ambitions on FromSoftware, but at the moment it is unlikely that Kadokawa will decide to sell the team to PlayStation Studios, despite the fact that the two companies have already been linked for some time in terms of business.

Furthermore, the presence of Tencent would complicate everything a bit, being certainly the “third wheel” in such an operation, but we are still awaiting developments on the matter.

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