Sony has renewed the trademark of Psygnosis: news on the way or normal administration?

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Sony has recently renewed the trademark rights of Psygnosiswith a new one registration which dates back to early December but has only emerged in recent days at the American patent office, probably suggesting the normal administration of these things, but also about possible novelties.

The Japanese company acquired Psygnosis in 1993, making it an integral part of Sony’s first party at the time of the first PlayStation, but later the team was renamed to Studio Liverpool and finally closed in 2012, so it is unlikely that there are actual Announcements behind this new registration, beyond the desire to extend the rights on the trademark.

Psygnosis, the old Amiga-era logo

On the other hand, Psygnosis is still a very well-known name in the gaming field, despite the fact that the original company has not existed for several years: as regards the retrogamingmany of his games in particular of the Amiga era are still very renowned such as Lemmings, Shadow of the Beast, Barbarian and others, so we still often talk about the company and it is possible that there is a need to confirm control over the name and brand. connected.

Sadly, we recently got back to talking about the historic British label for a couple of bad news, with the death of Ian Hetherington last month and shortly before, in November, with that of David Lawson, both founders of the company.

There could also be a recovery of the Psygnosis label with its logo in the program: Sony registered the brand for the first time in 2013, that is after the closure of Studio Liverpool, which could suggest a desire to relaunch of the old name perhaps with the organization of a new internal team, also given the recent expansion of the staff that is characterizing the PlayStation Studios.

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