Sony is asking for PlayStation’s gender discrimination lawsuit to be dismissed

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Sony is asking for the blocking of potential lawsuit linked to internal gender discrimination a PlayStation.

Last November, former PlayStation IT security analyst – Emma Majo – alleged that Sony violated labor laws by paying female employees less than male employees for similar or identical jobs. Furthermore, she said women were being denied promotions.

Sony he categorically denied the allegations and called for the lawsuit to be quashed. Sony states: “Despite the far-reaching scope of its lawsuit, [Majo] he fails to state facts in support of his individual claims or the claims of the women he seeks to represent. It fails to identify a single SIE policy, practice or procedure that allegedly formed the basis of intentional discrimination or that had a discriminatory impact on women. ”

Majo does a few specific examples, appointing a manager who would ignore requests from female staff but respond to identical requests from male staff. Majo said she filed a statement on the company’s alleged gender bias last year, and soon after she was told she had been fired.

We just have to wait for the decision of the court.

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