Sony is considering a new acquisition in Japan but Microsoft can’t, says an analyst

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Sony would be considering a new one acquisition in Japanwith the intention therefore of buying a development team or an entire publisher, while Microsoft cannot do the same: analyst Serkan Toto explained why.

We know that Sony PlayStation still has 10 billion for acquisitions until 2023 and there are certainly several Japanese companies that would lend themselves well to this type of operation, starting with the much chat. Konami.

“Sony would have the advantage of playing at home and some would not apply to her limitations Microsoft would have to deal with instead (in the case of the acquisition of a Japanese company, Ed) “, wrote the analyst.

“Maybe it will not be one of the most relevant companies on the market, but personally I believe that Sony is considering carrying out a shortacquisition in Japan. ”

What limitations are we talking about? We know that Phil Spencer would like to get hold of a Japanese development team, but Serkan Toto explained that this is unlikely to happen due to a law created to protect Japanese companies from this type of operation.

“The news of Microsof buying a Japanese publisher would be striking” for both cultural and practical reasons, specifically a system called Keiretsu: the various companies each own a share of the others. In the case of a forced takeover, most likely all members would abandon ship.

“No possibility can be excluded, today, but in some ways the acquisition by Microsoft of a large Japanese publisher would be news. more relevant compared to buying Activision, “said Toto.

“So far no foreign company has been able to acquire a Japanese firm and I can assure you that there have been several attempts, both by Western and Asian companies.”

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