Sony: teaser and date of a project made in AI with Polyphony Digital, authors of GT7

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Sony AI announced that on February 9, 2022 there will be an announcement of a project created with AI and with the collaboration of Polyphony Digital (authors of Gran Turismo 7) and Sony Interactive Entertainment. For the moment, we have only one opportunity to see teaser trailerwhich you find above.

The trailer it doesn’t tell us much, certainly not explicitly, but we can see the presence of a circuit, a racing engine and even some eSports players. Is it possible that this new project is linked to an eSport component for Gran Turismo 7? A second possibility is that it is something related to self-driving cars: in the past, in fact, the Gran Turismo engine was used to give away simulations used to develop software for automatic driving. The options, in a nutshell, are many.

The announcement took place via Twitter, where Sony AI (division dedicated to artificial intelligence of Sony) explains that on February 9, 2022 this new project will be announced, created together with Polyphony Digital and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Unfortunately we have no other information.

Right now, we can only wait for the official and complete announcement of this new project. Tell us, What do you think about it? Are you curious or do you have no particular expectations?

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