Soul Hackers 2: trailer and release date for PC and console, is a spin-off of Megami Tensei

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After the numerous clues of the past few days, Atlus finally officially announced Soul Hackers 2, new JRPG spin-off of the Megami Tensei series. The game will be available from 25 August for PC (Steam and Windows Store), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One worldwide. In the player above you can admire the first official trailer.

Update: we replaced the trailer with the western market version, with English subtitles. In addition, Atlus has confirmed the simultaneous release worldwide.

Unfortunately, the movie is entirely in Japanese, so it is difficult to understand the details of the plot and the topics covered. However, we can see in action the protagonist of the game and the other supporting actors who will accompany her, as well as the various demons of the game, coming as per tradition from the rich bestiary of the Megaten, all with a visual style that is somewhat reminiscent of Persona 5. .

Soul Hackers 2 is an undirected sequel to Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers released in 1997 on Sega Saturn and later on PlayStation and 3DS. The game has been anticipated in recent days by Atlus itself with some clues and a countdown on the official website. In conjunction with the reveal, a limited edition and a Persona 5 themed DLC has also been announced, with costumes and music by the Phantom Thieves, of which you can see some images below.

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