Soul Hackers: Atlus has opened a teaser site, new chapter coming?

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Soul Hackersthe RPG series related to Shin Megami Tenseicould be about to return, considering that Atlus has opened a official teaser site pointing to a announcement set for February 21, 2022 – except for obvious spoilers that could arrive – as often happens with Japanese productions – from some print magazine by the weekend.

In any case, for the moment what we have is this mysterious teaser site that clearly refers to Soul Hackers, a series that as far as Europe is concerned has remained firm in the chapter for Nintendo 3DS released in 2013 with Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner – Soul Hackers but that would certainly have space available for a return on the scene, considering the great appeal that Atlus has meanwhile won on the international scene.

Soul Hackers: the image on the teaser site with countdown

In correspondence with the opening of the teaser site, reachable at this address and containing the image shown on this page, Atlus has also opened a new Twitter account connected to Soul Hackers, which apparently has started a program to “collect our information”.

Within the website there is also a sort of message rather strange greeting, which seems to be written in a kind of machine language and which, too, seems to refer to the desire to gather information and start the sequence of “soul hack”. We therefore await information currently scheduled for 21 February 2022.

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