Spider-Man: No Way Home streaming, here’s where it will be available first, not on Disney +

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Spider-Man: No Way Home will be available in streaming in the coming months on a particular platform, confirmed in these days by Sony, and it will not be Disney + or Netflix, but Starzat least as far as the North American territory is concerned.

This was revealed by Jeffrey Hirsch, CEO of Starz, in an interview with Deadline, in which he explained how the platform is moving very actively to ensure a catalog of films capable of attracting a good amount of people and then keeping them. linked to the subscription through continuous renewals and expanding titles.

There isn’t one yet exit date for when Spider-Man: No Way Home will be available, with Hirsch remaining vague: on when the Sony film will be included in the catalog, he referred to the “next six months”, so we await further information on this.

StarzPlay is also available in Italy, also accessible through Prime Video but still characterized by a specific subscription, al price of 4.99 euros per monthwith a 7-day free trial for new accounts.

Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tom Holland and Zendaya in a scene from the film

It remains to be understood whether the distribution of Spider-Man: No Way Home in streaming on this channel is also planned outside the US or if an alternative method is envisaged through different agreements depending on the geographical region, but for the moment what we know is that will arrive in the next 6 months on Starz.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is Sony’s highest grossing film ever and with $ 1.37 billion it beat Black Panther and continues its run. Directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland again, the film also stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange, for a story that involves a series of dimensional upheavals.

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