Splinter Cell Remake will be able to be completed without a single kill

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In celebration of the franchise’s 20th anniversary, Splinter Cell developers past and present met at Ubisoft Toronto to discuss the origins, future and legacy of the series, including some of the team currently working on the new remake of Splinter Cell. On that occasion it was also revealed that it will be possible complete Splinter Cell Remake without a single kill thanks to new mechanics that will allow players to prevent and avoid dangerous situations where violence is the only answer.

“We want to scale that back a bit in the remake, and we want to give the player a few more opportunities to ‘de-escalate’ some of these situations,” explained the senior game designer Andy Schmoll.

“Obviously, the stealth is an extremely important pillar to us, and we aim to incorporate modern design philosophies while enhancing the stealth gameplay that was so special in the original.”

“Being Sam the secret agent par excellence, he has a huge amount of tools and abilities and gadgets and movements at his disposal,” adds creative director Chris Auty. “And with all these tools, the goal is to create these tense moments. You know there is an enemy nearby. You know there’s a threat around the corner.”

“And he has these instruments which he can use to react in a split second. If there’s an enemy around the corner that you haven’t spotted in time, they can do somersaults, climb high and avoid contact. He can plan his next move by looking under doors and using tools to figure out where the threats are and that sort of thing.”

“We want to create these tense moments where the player will have to use these tools and gadgets to fight back as well.”

We also know that Splinter Cell Remake will be “rewritten and updated” for “modern gamers”.

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