Square Enix: other HD-2D remake games in development, the words of the developers

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During a live radio broadcast also shared on YouTube, Tomoya Asano (producer of Octopath Traveler, Triangle Strategy and Bravely Default), Takashi Tokita (producer of Live A Live) and Yasuaki Arai (producer of Triangle Strtegy) talked about the plans for Square Enix about new HD-2D remake games.

Tomoya Asano stated: “Our president ordered us to make more HD-2D titles and remakes, so we discussed all possible titles. We made a list of which games would be best suited to HD-2D, then we excluded games. that would surely have been rejected like those of Mahjong (laughs) and we made some suggestions to the president. In particular we have listed all the Square and Enix games released on Super Famicom that we could have re-done in HD-2D. The first game we chose is was Live A Live. The second was Actraiser “.

Live to Live, HD-2D version

Actraiser Renaissance was released on September 24, 2021, while Live A Live will arrive on July 22, 2022. For the moment we have no information on which games could receive HD-2D treatment.

If you could make a few requests, which remake games would you like to see in HD-2D style? Do you like the fact that Square Enix is ​​working hard to make (also) this type of video game?

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