Stadia: October 2022 games announced for Pro subscribers, with a surprise

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Google has announced which games will be included in thepro subscription Of Stadiaits platform for cloud gaming, a October 2022. They are six quite varied titles, which aim to satisfy all tastes.

Stadia today unveiled the presence of an additional title in the group of Pro games for October 2022: Hot Wheels Unleashed, which will be redeemable along with all the others.

let’s see thelist of Stadia Pro October 2022 games:

Stadia Pro October 2022 games
  • Hot Wheels Unleashed – Arcade racing game dedicated to the world of Hot Wheels, the well-known toy brand specializing in cars.
  • Arcade Paradise – Arcade simulator from the 80s/90s, in which you have to manage a club until you get to have a real coin op temple.
  • Drawful 2 – Playable by 3-8 players, this is a party game full of horrendous drawings and wrong answers, to be considered if you are often in company.
  • Slaycation Paradis – is a twin action shooter full of action, monsters and zombies, where the main thing is to survive and carry out massacres.
  • Tangle Tower – It’s a stylish investigative graphic adventure in which you have to unravel the mystery of a strange mansion with a slightly twisted shape.
  • Looking for Aliens! – A game of finding clues on hyper-detailed scenarios, which serve to prove the existence of aliens.
  • The Addams Family: Mayhem in the House – Action for the whole family in which you guide the Addamses, overcoming puzzles and facing every danger.

For monitoring games entering and exiting Stadia Pro, there is a really great tool, which you can reach from here. For the rest, we remind you that Stadia Pro costs €9.99 and the service is accessible from computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and many other compatible devices.

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