Stadia: Two months ago the company swore it would not close

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Stadia it’s not going to be closed. Rest assured we’re always hard at work bringing many great games to the platform and Stadia Pro. Let us know if you have any other questions.”

It was July 29, 2022, exactly two months ago, when the official account of the cloud gaming of Google tried to reassure the community with this message. Let’s say that it has aged decidedly badly, in light of what was announced tonight, namely that Stadia will close its doors in January 2023.

Stadia promised it would not close

As always, trusting the official statements of a multinational company can lead to nasty surprises. In this case, however, it would be necessary to understand if whoever wrote that tweet actually knew of the future of Stadia, or if he was completely unaware of it. In short, it would be nice to know if it was in good faith or in bad faith. Of course, learning of the failure just two months after these reassurances must not have been pleasant for those who appreciated Stadia and its services.

Unfortunately, the failure was obvious, despite the fact that Google’s cloud technology does not seem to have rivals yet. Too bad for the insane management that has kept many potential customers away.

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