Star Citizen: Refueling & Gameplay Videos, Over 3.5 Million Registered Users

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Star Citizen came back to show itself over the weekend with a new one video mainly focused on refueling of the vessels, showing some phases of gameplay on this particular aspect and on the management of some aspects of the aircraft once some refueling stations have been reached.

This option will be included in the next version of Star Citizen, which is thealpha 3.17, along with other news. In the same video we can also see again the Consolidated Outland hoverbike, which is one of the new vehicles announced by Cloud Imperium Games for its space simulation.

Meanwhile, the game continues its very long development path in Early Access, with the total number of registered players now exceeding 3.5 millionanother considerable amount if you think that Star Citizen hasn’t actually come out yet and it seems rather far from a version that can be considered definitive.

We are talking about registered accounts, so these do not necessarily correspond to paying users, however crowdfunding has also grown even beyond the 434 million dollarstherefore it is clear that the sales model continues to have considerable success within the large community of the game.

Recently, the development team has decided to reduce the update roadmap by avoiding communicating the updates expected later in time, with a solution that according to Cloud Imperium should help to calm the controversies that may arise in the event of delays or displacements of the targets. In any case, it turned out that 2021 was the best year for Star Citizen in terms of fundraising, so it looks like the project is still in excellent health.

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