Star Wars Andor will also appeal to those who are not interested in the saga, according to the showrunner

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Star Wars Andor is the next series in the George Lucas saga, coming to Disney Plus. What kind of series will it be? One that will like it even to those who are not interested in Star Wars at all. That’s what Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy said.

“You should be able to watch the series without giving a damn about Star Warsor even if you’ve never seen Star Wars,” explained Gilroy. “This show should stand on its own.” new way, who is excited to have a new viewer who comes and completely spontaneously enters their world and treats it as a real thing”.

“I wanted it to be about real people,” Gilroy said of the show’s story. “They did this whole saga about royalty, basically. It was amazing. But there are billions, billions, billions of other beings in the galaxy. There are plumbers and cosmetics. Journalists! What are their lives like? The revolution affects them as everyone else. Why not use the Star Wars canon as a host organism for utterly realistic, passionate, and dramatic storytelling?”

Recall that Star Wars Andor will come up Disney Plus starting September 21, 2022. Speaking of the characters, we also know that Diego Luna collaborated with the writers for the creation of Cassian.

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