Star Wars Battlefront 3 is “dead”, DICE will no longer work on the series according to Jeff Grubb

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According to Jeff Grubb, DICE will no longer work on Star Wars Battlefront and a hypothetical Star Wars Battlefront 3 will not be developed. This is what the reporter found through an anonymous source that he is familiar with the project.

As we have already reported, EA has announced that Respawn Entertainment is working on three new Star Wars games. Previously, it was HE SAYS to have the bulk of the projects in hand, but Electronic Arts wants the team to focus more on Battlefield.

Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars Battlefront 2

He explains that “By reducing licensing costs and focusing on their IPs, EA is mitigating some of the risks associated with producing triple A video games. It is also this level of risk that has recently scared the company, but the success of Jedi: Fallen. Order and games like Resident Evil 2 Remake (by Capcom) have changed EA’s perception of what can be successful. ” In other words, the success of single player games has convinced the company that live-service works like Battlefront aren’t the only way forward.

The fact that there is a FPS among the games in development at Respawn also underscores how EA doesn’t need to produce a new Star Wars Battlefront.

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