Star Wars Eclipse: A political conflict and a new race in the game, for an insider

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Back to talking about Star Wars Eclipsethe mysterious game under development at Quantic Dream, through some information shared by Colin Moriarty, journalist and insider, who talks about a political conflict present in the game and a new breed first introduced in the Star Wars universe.

In a new episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast, according to VGC, the host reported that Star Wars Eclipse, as far as he knows, “isn’t even in production yet”, so it seems to be far away since its release. However, there are some elements that have come to light about this new title that fits into the Star Wars universe.

The original screenplay was reportedly co-written by David Cage and Adam Williams, who are the writers of other previous Quantic Dream titles. According to Moriarty’s vision, it appears that the hero of the story is Sarah, a woman who is part of the Zaraan, a new humanoid race that has never been seen before in the Star Wars universe.

This civilization seems to be particularly inclined to war, with a particular habit at the family level: when a new family is created from a marriage, this essentially becomes a military unit that acts in an organized manner for a purpose.

There history is also based on the relationship between Sarah and her husband, considering that the first is (at least initially) a fanatic of war and conquest, in line with the basic principles of the empire, while the second, Xedo, is characterized by a very softer and less prone to war.

It should also be noted that the empire to which they refer seems to be precisely the regime of the Zaraanand not the Galactic Empire typical of the Star Wars universe, also because the story of Star Wars Eclipse should take place 200 years before Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, therefore long before the appearance of the classic Empire.

All this, however, should be counted among the rumors, considering that it is not official information. The most recent news, in this regard, claimed that it is an action game but it will include the typical elements of the Quantic Dream games and that it will contribute its vision to the saga.

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