Star Wars: Old Videotape could be auctioned for $ 60,000

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A old videotape of the series Star Warskept in very good condition, it is going to be auctioned and could sell for as much as $ 60,000. According to what has been reported, this is a 1984 VHS from the first run of Star Wars IV: A New Hope. It has been rated NM 8.0 / B by VHSDNA, and includes a “Gray Tape-Head”, a red “First Edition Stereo Only” label, the original CBS / Fox watermark and the original case.

The videotape will be auctioned by Goldin on February 23, 2022. In its own way it is an interesting object, as it was the first opportunity for the public to take home the first Star Wars, which was launched in theaters in 1977 ( at the time, films took some time to complete the various steps between cinema / television and the nascent home video market).

This particular edition has already been auctioned in the past, reaching $ 57,600 in value. In general the historical objects of the pop culture they are highly valued during these auctions, as there is no shortage of nostalgic enthusiasts with substantial financial resources.

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