Starfield: Bethesda returns to talk about the “NASA-Punk” style used in the game

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Starfield it has not yet shown itself in terms of gameplay, but what we have seen so far tells us something about the cut adopted in terms of graphics and artistic direction, with the particular “NASA-Punk” style which returns to the center of a recent update from Bethesda.

Announcing the contest linked to the game, Bethesda released a video on the making of the main illustration and, on that occasion, it has also returned to talk about the game in stylistic terms. The illustrator Mike Butkus and the Bethesda lead artist, Istvan Pelyhave returned to talk about the style chosen for the new sci-fi epic in question.

“At the beginning of the project we were trying to establish an overall aesthetic of the game and we coined the term NASA-Punk to describe a sci-fi universe that was a little more grounded in reality and recognizable,” Pely said.

Starfield, details inside the protagonist’s ship

“We wanted a realistic approach“, he added,” it is possible to draw a common thread that goes from current space technology and extrapolate what could arrive in the future in a credible and recognizable way “.

“What’s also interesting is how we are tied to this concept,” said lead animator, Rick Vicens, “When one says NASA-Punk, the art team immediately grasps the definition and makes it work. perfect definition to give direction to the artistic division and make everyone go in the same direction with a coherent style. “To learn more about Starfield, we refer you to our special on what we know about the new universe of Bethesda.

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