State of Play in September 2022? Sony must aim high and give certainties about the games of 2023

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The 2022net of delays, postponements and various problems, it has not been a bad year for gamers and the next few months do not seem to be less especially for those who play (also) on Playstation.

In twelve months Sony has released Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collection, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and is close to bringing The Last of Us Part I and God of War Ragnarok into players’ homes. In between, there were also other exclusive console titles produced by independent teams, such as the highly appreciated Stray or the more recent Rollerdrome.

However, this also means that Sony has shot several cartridges and is now having to give new confirmations to fans. The world of video games is always hungry and once a product has been consumed it wants to have a date to mark on the calendar. Videogame conferences are also used for this and, according to the most recent insistent rumors, there is one around the corner: a new State of Play set for September.

God of War Ragnarok

Assuming that’s true, what kind of event can we expect? One possibility would be a God of War Ragnarok show to advertise the game and boost early November sales. However, it would be a bit little for many fans, who have seen enough of the Santa Monica Studio game and, after the 2018 chapter, don’t have too many doubts about the style of this sequel.

Sony, with the end of 2022 approaching and scheduled releases dwindling, needs to give the public many new games to look forward to.

Not that 2023 is a completely mysterious year for Sony exclusives, as we’ll get the chance to play exclusives like Forspoken (January 24, 23023), Final Fantasy 16 (Summer 2023), and maybe even Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, if “Winter 2023” (i.e. the official release period) will not turn into a more specific “early 2024”.

The three games from Square Enix, however, are certainly not enough. Sony needs to start giving some certainty about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 probably destined to be another blockbusters.

Furthermore, Sony could make 2023 much more eventful with another expected novelty: PSVR2. The new viewer would not only guarantee a great hardware novelty, but would guarantee the arrival of many new interesting games, such as Horizon Call of the Mountain which – beyond the actual quality – can count on the power of the name (and we know very well that even that counts for a lot, after all).

Finally, it would not be at all unpleasant to see some new features: new games still unannounced that they will come out soon. Whatever the names on the pitch, however, they must be many, they must have an impact and they must give confidence. To destroy those securities and postpone games for six months or more there is always time later: from this point of view we do not believe that publishers need help.

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