Steam: About half of VR players own a Meta Quest 2, success is undeniable

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Whether you want to call it Oculus Quest 2 or have accepted the new name Meta Quest 2, one thing is undeniable: the viewer of the company once known as Facebook is a success. Thanks to Valve’s reports, we have in fact seen that almost half of the Steam VR users own a Meta Quest 2.

Specifically, Meta Quest 2 is owned by the 46% of users that have a VR headset on Steam. The growth is 6% compared to the previous month’s data. If we look instead at the data for January 2021, the growth was 29% year on year (at the time Oculus Quest 2 only counted 17% of the total on Steam).

Pierpaolo Greco and Oculus Quest 2, a perfect match

The direct opponent, Valve Index, on the other hand, can only count on 14% of the entire Steam VR user base. One of the possible and most credible reasons behind Meta Quest 2’s success is the lower price. We also remember that the ex-Oculus device can be used without the support of a gaming PC and is completely wireless. The convenience of use is probably another factor that has allowed the headset to be successful.

There virtual reality is getting more and more success every year and Sony PlayStation is also aiming more and more towards this market, as recently stated.

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