Steam Deck 2: Valve is already thinking about it

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Valve is already planning one Steam Deck 2, the successor to the Steam Deck, according to what Gabe Newell said in an interview with the British magazine Edge. This is news that is not surprising, given the resonance that the first incarnation of the new hardware is having.

Newell confessed that he was amazed by how much the more expensive version of the device proved to be more popular than the others: “This is why we always like to do things and throw them. Because we learn a lot and they are preparing us for Deck 2.

According to what is understood, the Steam Deck 2 is expected to be a more powerful version of the appliance, which is what customers implicitly asked Valve by purchasing the more expensive version: “They are simply asking us for an even more expensive version, one that is more powerful.

As for the Steam Deck, Valve has thought it to stay and already has many plans for its future. He sees it as a permanent addition to the PC world: “The second iteration will think about the capabilities offered by mobility, compared to what happens on desktop and laptop computers.

In short, the Steam Deck will not be a meteor like the Steam Controller and the Steam Link were, not to mention the Steam Machines.

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