Steam Deck, a steampunk-style model designed by a developer

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Steam Deck in version steampunk? The template in question was designed by independent developer Tomek Dittrich and is sparking the enthusiasm and fantasies of users about the handheld’s potential in terms of aesthetic customization.

This is still premature speech if we consider that the official release of Steam Deck is set for February 25th and only for those who have booked the console in the early hours. However, there is no doubt that, from this point of view, it would be possible to do great things.

Designed with Blender, the steampunk model of Steam Deck is characterized by a fascinating wood effect on the body, with brass finishes and grip areas that are apparently in leather, taking up a distinctly vintage aesthetic.

Maybe some modders will fall in love with the project and decide to really make it happen, but in this case it is the principle that counts and the potential of Steam Deck in terms of aesthetic customizations, limited editions and whatever else is evident.

After all, Steam is well aware of this and in fact has published the CAD files that allow you to 3D print the external structure of the handheld. In short, we will certainly see something interesting in the coming months.

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