Steam Deck, Digital Foundry’s video review is very positive

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Steam Deck is officially available starting today and Digital Foundry has published his video review of the console produced by Valve, expressing opinions very positive on the product.

While there is already talk of Steam Deck 2, the current model of the handheld turned out to be a device capable of offering a gaming experience identical and sometimes higher to the one usable on console.

Although the hardware is not as sophisticated as expected and the system generally suffers from some edges to be smoothed, for Richard Leadbetter the performance even with the latest generation games they are absolutely satisfying.

In terms of ergonomics the Steam Deck is defined better than Nintendo Switchthe cooling system works fairly well and even the integrated speakers have their own why, just a pity that the noise of the fans tends to disturb in this sense.

Very interesting graphic adjustmentswhich allow for example to lock the frame rate to 30 fps in order to save battery if you are on the move, or to adjust settings such as Super Resolution for performance purposes.

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