Steam Deck doesn’t support GOG, or at least not officially

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Steam Deck apparently does not support the well-known launcher GOGat least in a way official: said the Twitter profile of the store owned by CD Projekt RED.

However, there should be an alternative solution: since Steam Deck includes support for Windows, being a PC anyway, once the operating system it will also be possible to use GOG and its library of games.

How exactly will Windows work on Steam Deck in terms of performance and compatibility it is still all to be clarified, unfortunately, and the feeling is that users who are buying the handheld will hardly opt for this type of modification.

In any case, we will be able to know the truth soon: the official release date of Steam Deck is set for February 25 for those who made the reservation taking advantage of the first slots, before the stocks were quickly exhausted.

A few days later and we will find dozens and dozens of videos online with various user impressions and experiments regarding the portable console produced by Valve and designed around the Steam ecosystem.

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