Steam Deck: Gabe Newell is personally delivering some units, according to a report

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Steam Deck is coming to the homes of players around the world. And by this we mean that someone has to physically take them to the home of the person who placed the pre-order. That someone, in some specific cases, appears to be Gabe Newell himself, head of Valve, at least according to some reports.

Through Reddit, the user bitfiddle0 he claims that he received an email that his Steam Deck was on its way early. The man, on the day of delivery, would not have been at home but told his wife to wait for the package to arrive. The package arrived and the courier asked if the woman’s husband was at home. To which the woman said no, but she asked why there was a crew with cameras to film the delivery. The Reddit user shared the following image, captured by the front door camera. As indicated, the courier was Gabe Newell. The woman, however, did not recognize him.

Gabe Newell delivering Steam Deck? And he?

As you can see, the image isn’t exactly clear and the man, despite having Newell’s build and beard, has his face almost completely covered, so we can’t confirm that the story is true.

A second Reddit user, SeattleRainPidgeons, who does not appear to be related to bitfiddle0, said he saw a camera crew walking around his neighborhood. The user’s roommates said the man the crew followed was Gabe Newell. As indicated, the user and his roommates greeted Gabe who approached them, asked how many people lived there and gave them a Steam Deck each. The user claims that everything was captured by cameras and that it is therefore credible that these recordings are used for promotional videos.

Either way, Newell would also have signed Steam Deck caseas you can see in the image below.

The Steam Deck conferral, signed by Newell according to the sources

The Steam Deck conferral, signed by Newell according to the sources

We repeat that for the moment we cannot confirm the story of these users. According to what has been stated, everything is happening in the area of Seattle: Valve is based in this area, precisely in Bellevue.

If all of this is true, we’ll probably find out when Valve shares promotional videos of the Steam Deck delivery. In the meantime, we would like to point out Newell’s response to fears of a Steam Deck price increase.

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