Steam Deck is among the best sellers on Steam, even though it has been out of stock for months

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Steam Deck was launched yesterday and has been in the for hours first positions of the Steam best-selling product chart. What’s strange, you may be wondering? The fact is, it is out of stock for months and currently it is not possible to buy it, but only to book it.

Many are therefore wondering how the product actually stands in the rankings.

How does Steam Deck stand as a top seller on Steam?

Valve does not ask users to pay the full cost of Steam Deck to pre-order it, but only $ 4 of deposit, refundable in case of cancellation of the reservation. Which are considered precisely those?

It is not strange and not even rare that a pre-ordered product ends up in the top selling positions of Steam, but in this case, actually, there is a small anomaly, since for now you pay only a fraction of the final price, just to get in line. It should also be remembered that Steam Deck reservations have been active for months and that it is practically since their opening that the console has been sold out, without however appearing in the top 10.

Of course, it is undeniable that Steam Deck is having success, given that ordering now will receive the console in an imprecise period after the second quarter of 2022 (so after June) and Valve probably has an interest in showing this success in its sales charts as well. However it would be nice to have clarity on how the whole mechanism works.

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