Steam Deck is the perfect emulation machine, according to a road test

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Steam Deck it’s a dream machine for theemulationaccording to what was found by Wes Fenlon of PC Gamer, who had the opportunity to test the hybrid between a console and a PC also from this point of view.

Apart from the power of the hardware, which allows you to emulate almost all systems without problems, Steam Deck has several advantages over, say, the Xbox Series S, another machine widely used and appreciated for emulation, first of which the practicality.

Basically, by holding down the power key, a menu opens, an option of which gives the possibility to go to the desktop. Selecting it takes you to the desktop screen of Arch Linux. The system includes an application store, such as that of macOS and Windows, from which to download completely free legal software.

Is called Discover and offers a huge choice of emulators for all systems and tastes. For example, you can download the Dolphin with which to emulate the GameCube and the Wii, or the DuckStation with which to emulate PS1, or even the PCSX2 to emulate PS2. If you want, you can also emulate Nintendo Switch with Yuzu, but it is better not to give certain suggestions. What matters is that you understand that almost the entire history of the videogame medium can be accessed with extreme simplicity.

To install the emulators just one click, then you can add them to the Steam Deck interface by integrating them into SteamOS, using the “Games / Add a non-Steam game to library” option and that’s it. Of course, every single emulator has its own configurations to do, but that’s natural enough and retrogaming enthusiasts won’t even notice. However, you can take advantage of all the advantages of Steam Deck, such as the controller configurator, or the sleep button, which also works great with emulators, so it’s worth a try.

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