Steam Deck now has its own dedicated Steam section with separate offers and rankings

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Steam Deck is officially available today and Valve wasted no time in launching one dedicated section on Steamwhere owners of the hybrid between a portable console and a PC can find offers specifically for them, linked to the verified titles, as well as separate rankings compared to those of the main shop.

Steam page of the Steam Deck

Steam Deck now has its own page on Steam

This is an interesting novelty, because Valve is treating its Steam Deck as if it were one console real, giving it its own shop, albeit obtained from another much larger.

Of course, it will surely have been forced to do so by not having to confuse users, perhaps offering them games that are not compatible with the hardware among the thousands for sale on the large version of Steam.

The Steam Deck rankings are separate from those of Steam

The Steam Deck rankings are separate from those of Steam

However it is interesting to see how far Valve will go with the Steam Deck. Gabe Newellthe owner of the company, has already stated that a Steam Deck 2 is planned, but the future could see even more support for the new hardware, especially if it takes hold.

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