Steam Deck: Official Dock has a possible release period

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Steam Deckas well as Nintendo Switch, will count on a Official dock which will allow a quick connection to a display in order to make it a kind of “home console” and this tool now seems to have a exit period expected, or spring 2022.

Therefore, the launch of the Steam Deck dock should also be a few months away, given that we are talking about the “late spring“, which is probably the period that includes May and June.

Steam Deck in an official design

Valve probably expected a simultaneous release, but the supply and assembly problems have probably hit, imposing a deferred release compared to Steam Deck, which in the meantime begins to be available in this period.

The information comes from a communication made by Valve in the past few hours, which also talks about new tools including the one that allows you to check the compatibility of your game library, which confirms the fact that the Deck is now in the pipeline. I arrive.

“We can’t wait to make the official Dock available in the hands of users. It won’t happen as soon as we would like, but we are happy to be able to talk about it again in the next period and we plan to make it. available in late spring “.

The Dock is conceptually very similar to that of the Nintendo Switch: it is one base inside which to insert the Steam Deck, with video output that allows direct connection to an external display, power supply, wired internet connection and USB ports. On the official website of Steam Deck it now appears as “coming in spring 2022”, where previously there was no precise indication of the period of release of the device.

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, connecting to the dock shouldn’t improve performance, meaning the video settings don’t automatically change with a higher resolution “upgrade” as they automatically do with the Nintendo console.

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