Steam Deck, Valve has begun reporting VR games as unsupported

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THE VR games are not supported by Steam Deckthe hybrid between a PC and a portable console of Valve. The house of Half-Life is starting to tag them with this specification, in order to make it clear to buyers of its hardware what to expect if they buy.

Attention, because “unsupported” does not mean not compatible, as noted by youtuber Brad Lynch on Twitter, who said he wanted to try to run all his VR titles on Steam Deck as soon as he received it, using all the tricks of the case to succeed in the enterprise. According to him, the risk is that that tag heavily influences the already tight VR gaming market.

In reality, the fact that Steam Deck would not support VR games was known from the announcement of the console, but now it has all materialized. However, it is not said that Steam Deck can not run them, but only that there will be no specific optimization.

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