Steam Deck: Valve has released the CAD files that allow you to 3D print the exterior structure

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Now players can 3D print the external structure Of Steam Deckcustomizing it however they want, thanks to the fact that Valve has made available the CAD file of the console, moreover with a Creative Commons license.

The message of Valve with the announcement it also makes it clear how the files can also be used to create commercial products, without any limit. Let’s read it.

Hello! Good news for all experimenters, modders, accessory manufacturers or people who want to make 3D prints of the Steam Deck to “touch it”.

Today we have released the CAD files for the external structure (surface topology) of the Steam Deck, available under a Creative Commons license. Includes an STP and STL model and drawings (DWG) as references. You can find the files here.

We can’t wait to see Community creations!

Steam Deck, external structure

What to say? It is certainly a nice gift, which makes us understand how one can relate to one’s community in an intelligent way, without appearing as greedy producers who want to make money on everything.

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