Steam Deck: will the price go up due to stock problems? Newell gives an official answer

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Steam Deck it is very popular and, above all, it is not easy to find. Many people who have pre-ordered it will have to wait a little longer before they have it in their hands. Those who have not pre-ordered will probably have to wait a long time to get it. Stock limits will drive up the price of Steam Deck? Valve’s Gabe Newell gave an official answer.

Speaking with IGN USA, Newell he said: “The choice of price is partly a promise to customers. […] We don’t expect to make any price changes on the various models. ”The Valve chief said the system’s initial price change was“ painful ”but“ necessary ”.

Steam Deck

That said, Newell says they could come more technologically advanced versions of Steam Deck. After all, he explains, the videogame hardware market evolves every year and offers new components of superior quality and performance, perhaps even at lower costs.

Obviously for the moment it is too early to have details on these potential new Steam Deck models, but the idea seems to be that the device will not be one of a kind.

Steam Deck is a perfect emulation machine, too. This is another factor that could make it very interesting for a certain slice of the public.

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